The World Boomerang League is a project to reunite results from boomerang throwers from all over the world. How? We organize and trace the results of boomerang events and set standings for Virtual Boomerang Tournaments and Official Boomerang events, in order to keep a unified ranking system.

The World Boomerang league will keep season statistics and standings of boomerangs throwers, anyhow it is a non-official initiative.

How is it calculated?

The main principle of this ranking method is that participating will never be a disadvantage for the ranking. It’s more important to participate and score consistently than just throw one top results. Six discipline rankings will be calculated.

Best possible: You win a discipline three times. That’s 3’000 points. For the overall ranking: Add the points from the six-discipline rankings. Best possible is 18’000 points. Possible ties for the first place per discipline or overall will be resolved by including your next best results until the tie is resolved. Points are calculated with the relative scoring system.

Points Calculator

Use this calculator to  get the equivalent in relative scoring points of your performance: in Individual or Team Boomerang Tournaments, Virtual Tournaments, or just as training tool.