BEPPONAS -Carbon Fiber Composite MTA Boomerang

The Bepponas is an hommage to the Jonas composite MTA. A boomerang with similar flight characteristics, shape, weight, and thickness as the legendary Jonas Composite. Made using the same materials and molded specifically to reproduce the legendary boomerang of Jonas. The airfoil in the leading wing has been modified to enhance flight characteristics; adding a concave on the leading wing to effectively boost lift effect and hovering times. A great boomerang for those who love an epic MTA.


  • Weight: 15-18 Grams
  • Thickness: 2.4mm
  • Wing area: 116.1 Sq Cm.
  • Span: 36 Cm
  • Price: 90€ + Shipping

Bepponas in action

“I threw one of your Bepponas MTAs for the first time in a tournament last weekend and placed 1st in the MTA event at the US championships!!! I got flights of 56, 53, 42, 36, and 0 seconds. Only the 42 second flight was caught outside the 50m circle. Thanks for the awesome MTA and all your hard work along the way developing and making the mold.”
George Essig

U.S MTA Champion 2017, U.S Boomerang Team Member

” Richard Bower and I both got caught in the same thermal with two Bepponas and they flew off the field. We had to go past a line of trees, and when I got past I could see one coming over the trees, but it rocked up and back and hit the top of a tree. It came down hitting a few branches before landing in some Blackberries. Rich went around the other side of the trees and saw the other one hit a tree and come down as well, by the time I got into the Blackberries and retrieved the one I saw, which turned out to be Rich’s, Rich had already got mine, #50. Other than some blackberry cuts and scratches there was no damage. Must have been at least 75 or 90 second flights! ”
Steve Kavanaugh

WBC 2016 Team World Champion, U.S Boomerang Team Member

” The first time I used the Bepponas MTA in a competition was at the WBC in Abuquerque, during individuals. From that moment on I knew I will use this MTA in every tournament I will go to. Great hang time, stable, safe, it is a keeper ”
Lars Overzee

3 times winner at Team World Championships, BoomerGang Team Member