Beppy is a smaller and thinner boomerang compared to Bepponas. It requires a high and vertical throw with full power and spin. Beepy is an exquisite flyer; a thermal sensitive boomerang which can give you excellent flights in your training or in competitions. This boomerang is recommended for experienced throwers only.

  • Weight: 12-15 Grams
  • Thickness: 1.7mm
  • Wing area: 99 Sq Cm
  • Span: 34 Cm
  • Airfoil: Concave at leading wing
  • Price: 90€ + shipping

I’ve been throwing boomerangs my entire life. Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) is one of my favorite events and I am extremely particular when it comes to the booms I select for my competition kit. After one session of throwing my new Beppys, I quickly realized they are going to replace boomerangs I’ve been throwing in competition for over a decade. They are that good! It’s obvious Alejo takes great pride in his craftsmanship. These were built and weighted for my throw-type and hang in the air like a helium-filled balloon. My only concern with the Beppys are losing them in thermals too soon. I’ll be selective where and when I practice with these! I cannot wait to use these in competition. If you are looking to take your MTA game to the next level, there’s no easier way! I bet you can’t stop at just one!

Logan Broadbent

U.S Boomerang team member and Individual Vice World Champion in WBC 2016