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Have you ever envisioned a Boomerang that can stay aloft for minutes?

Sounds like a dream? It´s not! MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) boomerangs are carefully designed to stay aloft for a long time. Every detail counts: weight, wing span, aerodynamic profile and tuning. We are passionate about MTA Boomerangs, thats why we decided to craft these weightless pieces of equipment, explore new set ups, materials and moulding process in order to develope better and reliable boomerangs for competition.


Thermal Soaring


lightweight construction


High precision design


Composite Materials


The Beppy Mta really surprised me. Way more hover, height, airtime and sensitive to thermals. Full of potential.

Fridolin Frost


After one session of throwing my new Bepponas and Beppy, I quickly realized they are going to replace boomerangs I’ve been throwing in competition for over a decade. They are that good!

Logan Broadbent


Bepponas  is very stable, great hang time and safe, it is a keeper.

Lars Overzee


My experience with the Kevlar Beppy has been outstanding. It climbs higher than other MTAS and keep its spin rate.

Hiroyuki Murata



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Alex Opri Composite MTA Boomerangs

Alex Opri Composite MTA Boomerangs

Today I would like to share with you a little story. A story about passion, research, craftsmanship, and love for boomerangs: Alex Opri Composite project. Building composite boomerangs is not an easy task as many of you should know. Materials, techniques, and tuning...

20th anniversary of the 238m World Record throw

20th anniversary of the 238m World Record throw

This year marks 20 years since the  238m WR Throw by Manuel Schütz. An astronomical score that remains in the imaginary of many throwers and that nevertheless is elusive for many. Kloten - 1999, a small town near the Zurich airport was the place (now mythical) where...

Eric Darnell and the TriFly Boomerang

Eric Darnell and the TriFly Boomerang

How did you got involved in boomerang throwing? I grew up in a flying family. My father owned 1/20 of a J3 Piper cub and I flew every weekend from about age 2 1/2. I started making gliders about age 4 and by age 12 I was quite good at it. Many were my own design out...


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