Ride The Sky – Ikarus’ Mirror World Challenge

Ride The Sky Challenge - Ikarus Mirror: (Rules and Current Standings)
🚀 Ride The Sky Challenge – Ikarus Mirror: Rules and Goals 🚀
Goal: The participant with the longest time on the air wins the Ride The Sky Challenge – Ikarus Mirror.
Allowed Materials: Only wood is permitted for constructing the boomerang. No composites or other materials are allowed.
Boomerang Shape: Boomerang wings must be symmetric/mirrored, extending from the elbow to the wingtips. No tribladers, fourbladers allowed.
Valid Submission Criteria:
Participants must submit a clear picture of their boomerang + video. A video of the flight is mandatory, capturing the throw and catch sequences. Showing the boomerang at the beginning or end of the video is mandatory. Only videos submitted here will be considered.
ESPECIALLY throw and catch should be within the frame, at least one second, including the boomerang under full control. If the catch is not visible on the video: Invalid entry.
🏆 We will not make any exceptions regarding the validity of submissions. Each participant must meet all the criteria to be eligible for the Ride The Sky Challenge victory! 🏆
So, gather your creativity, construct your best symmetric MTA boomerang, and get ready to demonstrate your skills in the ultimate gravity-defying challenge. May the wind be in your favor and the skies be your canvas!
🌟 Let the games begin! 🌟

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