Welcome to the Virtual Boomerang Tournament Submission tool.  Sending the results is very easy, anyhow please carefully read these instructions before sending your results:

IMPORTANT: Find your ID NUMBER on the following document, this will be your identification number for the next Virtual Tournaments. Remember it and fill it in the results form as required. If your name is not on the list just fill the ID field with a 0. We will assign you an ID number.

Only one thrower information at a time should be sent, be sure to fulfill all fields, including nationality and Full name and last name. Please real names no nicknames. This will help to keep the results along the year more clear.

FORMAT: Scores should be submitted only using numbers, except when you didn’t participate in one way, in such case you might type a ” NP” in such event.

NATIONALITY: We encourage you to find the 3 letter code of your country here