Throwing an MTA boomerang is a joyful experience. The nature of its flight, the hovering, the running, the catch. All these things make throwing a MTA boomerangs so special.

Last weekend I met my team mates in Switzerland for a training camp, as a process for warming up before this year World Boomerang Cup in Albuquerque.

Weather have been terrible lately in whole Europe, lot of rain and storms. I was really skeptical about the wind conditions in Switzerland for this time of the year, but as soon as I got out of the plane I realized that something was different.

Soft temperatures, light winds and beautiful sunshine welcome us the first day in the practicing field in Lausanne. This spot is honestly one of the best in the world for boomerang throwing. You have the Lac Leman and the alps in the background. The grass is soft and perfect.

Our training session started with the traditional events, but the wind was perfect for some MTA flights. There I tested my new composite threebladers, and tune some Beppys as well. Throwing in this “Paradise” is a unique experience. Lausanne is for boomerangs the same as Wimbledon is for tenis.

Boomergang Training camp

( Stephan Spirgi, Fridolin Frost, Lars Overzee, Andrea Sgattoni, Fred Declercq, Alejo Palacio, Manuel Schütz)

In the afternoon, we left the field in Lausanne and headed towards Biére. A small town situated about 25 min from Lausanne.

I threw in this field for the first time in 2009 during the European Boomerang Cup. The long distance event was held here, and it brings me good memories because in that tournament I set the former long distance Spanish record : 130 meters.

As soon as I arrived we noticed that some RC pilots were flying their sailplanes: good signal, thermals are around.

The MTA session in Biére was epic. Thermals popping everywhere. So many good flights that is hard to remember.

I was testing one of my new composite Highlanders, after the throw I realized the boomerang stabilized very well and high, but very close to another hovering MTA. I start moving for the catch, but the boomerang was simply not coming down. After a while I realized the other boomerang belong to Manuel and his boomerang was also soaring on the same thermal. Finally after 2:10 Manu caught his boomerang and I caught it a few meters away a few seconds later. Moments later Manu threw again and got an outstanding +4 min with a catch.

At this point this point a great testing session, my personal best time for MTA with a catch.  Also Andrea was having excellent times with his composite Sgatto WS.

But the session reserved a few more surprises for us. Fridolin Frost was testing some Composite Highlanders prototypes, switching between diferent weights and tune. Then he chose a lighter version and got two flights of +1:20 in a row. A few throws later he threw again another +1:10 using the same boomerang.

For me, the experience was revealing and a total success. All of the sudden everybody was throwing their boomerangs and catching Thermals.

Next morning Stephan Spirgi joined us for the training and again, the field was in thermal mode: First throw with a brand new Bepponas : 1min 15 !!

This field is magical, a MTA paradise