Alex Opri is by far one of the most solid throwers out there. World  Boomerang Champion in 2010, he has been away of the throwing fields for a few years but now he is back, strong and smart as usual. The first time I saw Alex throwing was in Rome. I was shocked by his talent and skill. He was really humble and teached me how to adjust my boomerangs for wind. His hints were priceless.

Alex has been Team World Champion for several years with the German Team “Motions”. This set him as a reference and one of the best boomerang throwers out there.

In this interview he reveals some of the insights of the team, but also  review some of the highlights of his carreer.

The Boomerang Interviews is a project by The Oscar Cuartas Boomerang Foundation and BoomPop.

Archive Footage courtesy of Ricardo Bruni Marx, Yves Caze, and Dana Larrabee