Felipe Arboleda has been throwing and making wooden boomerangs since 1976 in Colombia. Felipe learnt feather lapping and strip laminating techniques from master Boomerang craftsman Oscar Cuartas. His work remained underground for long time. Lately, he is getting the recognition he always deserved, and his pieces are becoming a must in every boomerang collector kit.

His favorites woods for making boomerangs are Colombian tropical hardwoods ( Palosangre, Nazareno, Zapán, Algarrobo, Laurel, Acacia, Comino and Guayacán).

The process to make handmade hardwood boomerangs requires long time and high care. Felipe just like his teacher, has never mass produce and every one of his boomerangs is unique.
Felipe favorites categories are MTA and Long Distance. His predilect boomerang model is the Fuzzy.

“Felipe received upon his master passed away not only his workshop equipment but the many years of experience. He is the inheritor of Oscar Cuartas exquisite feather lapping, lap joint, taracea and core reinforcing techniques. Felipe not only learnt well Oscar outstanding quality of boomerang craftsmanship but he is on his way to surpass his master”

Dara Cuartas

Board Director, Oscar Cuartas Boomerang Foundation