Today I would like to share with you a little story. A story about passion, research, craftsmanship, and love for boomerangs: Alex Opri Composite project.

Building composite boomerangs is not an easy task as many of you should know. Materials, techniques, and tuning require a lot of patience and dedication.

Alex Opri Mold approach

I clearly remember how Alex was interested in building composites a few years ago, and since then he really improved his technique of laying up, but also for mold construction.

My molds, for example, are fixed molds. That means they are already built-in tune, according to the tune of the master. That implies that the master boomerang should be properly tuned in order to obtain a good boomerang out of the mold.

Alex didn’t go that way, he started designing a mold that can be tuned and adjusted after testing. He mounted the mold on screws and bolts, so he can easily adjust the tune.  This process was also used by Carl Morris back in the day with his aluminum mold.

mta-mold-screws    prepared-layup

(Details of Alex´s Molds- even a transparent one )

sideview-mold transparent-mold


(Alex waiting for his MTAS to cure)

The result

The result is a very reliable molding method that saves time (and money).  The composite MTAS Alex Opri is producing are outstanding, you can tell about the care and attention being paid to little details. Molds for Windsailors, tribladers, Bra-ket, and even fourbladers for trick catch.

  • The Triblader has a great range, finely tuned and with an ultralight version which is the dream for every thrower in Super catch events. Very stable in strong winds, but also very sensitive to thermals.
  • The Windsailor is also impressive, very stiff and torsionally rigid. Different versions and weights.  Ideal for a light breeze and warm days. This boomerang really wants to fly away. Very sensitive to thermals and very stable.

All them are now used in tournaments by many throwers, World Class boomerangs, carefully crafted,  so don’t miss the chance to get yours. 🙂


opri-triblader Opri-windsailor



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